©2018 Lynette Shebyrd

Lynette SheByrd is the world’s one and only all female Southern Rock Revue.

This group of mega-talented female musicians express the unconquered spirit of Southern rockers everywhere. Lynette captures the essence and vibe of an era, when a rock concert was a lifetime event. If the past is indeed a prologue to their musical journey, then Lynette is nothing less than timeless. With a badass rock-chick authority, these daisy duke dames redefine a genre and transport the Southern Rock classics into the modern era.

In 2010 Bassist, Laurie Es founded the band, now known as Lynette SheByrd. Laurie set out to create a tribute that would truly do justice to the genre-defining Southern Rock of the seventies and the exceptional songwriting and musicianship that earned Lynyrd Skynyrd its rightful place in the pantheon of classic arena rock bands.

In 2018, Lynette brought forth an evolution to it's repertoire by adding the music of Rossington Collins Band, ZZ Top, Allman Brothers, Outlaws, Marshall Tucker and even Mountain.

Lynette SheByrd has generated considerable interest from its very inception, building up a solid social media fanbase and online presence even before venturing out of its Southern California homeland.

In particular, author & crash survivor, Gene Odom recently welcomed the band to perform at the Freebird Festival for the 40th Anniversary of the 1977 plane crash, this past October. Original Lynyrd Skynyrd Honkette, Leslie Hawkins was so inspired by Lynette's performance, she jumped onstage to join the gyrls on "Sweet Home Alabama". Needless to say, the Florida stalwarts were blown away by this union of Lynyrd Skynyrd royalty and sheer woman-power.

With a talented group of female musicians of established credibility, Lynette SheByrd is a band unique unto themselves. Folks who have witnessed Lynette's high energy, red-hot performance agree that this band has it all!

With the niche of an all-female Southern Rock revue yet unfilled, Lynette SheByrd can venture into some exciting, uncharted territory on that dusty road laid out before them.